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Starting a blog is an easy job, but bringing traffic to blog is not that much easy. I found a lot of people struggling to make it. Here are some quick guides for bringing traffic to your blog.

 Making tons of new visitors is useless if you do not offer valuable content and they will not come back. In front you start considering bringing more traffic, make sure your blog is worth visiting, and it provides high quality contents.

Be serious about your content

You, know, "content is always king" and it is the first track for making a more serious blog traffic. Select your topic which your audience is keening about and make it simple and easy to understand. You can find your topic ideas from Quora or any similar type of discussion platforms.

As well, try using Buzzsumo, to get the most interested topics of your audience. 

You can examine images, infographics or videos to explain your ideas and that will bring more engagement to your blog.

     Make evergreen content

Evergreen content is making its value for any time and it is not a time dependent. Hence,be alert in selecting your topics which can be a reference for whatever time.

    Select a better Title

The title is the first one, users are looking and if you don’t have a good or an appropriate   title for your blog, the entire content is going to miss out its relevance. Then, select your  blog title in a wise manner. You can be more creative on making it. 

Care for Long-tail Keywords

Keywords, an important thing in gaining web traffic and it is essential in building traffic to your blogs. Use keywords in your content, but never do keyword stuffing. It is better to use long tail keywords and it is one of the best ways for targeting a higher ranking in search engines. 

Start Promoting Your Blog

After, publishing your content it’s time for promoting it. Try every social network and share with your colleagues, friends, relatives, etc. Ask them to share with their profiles and there is nothing wrong with requesting a share.
Find forums or blogs and engage in their discussions, post your blog link if is relevant. But, be certain not to get spammy. 

Set up a social share button on your blog

It is smarter to put up three social network sharing button on your site. That can be easily help visitors to share your blog. 

Optimize your blog for Mobile

Mobile traffic is nowadays being far ahead and you should be prepared to deal with it. Make sure your blog is fully optimized for mobiles including tablets and other handheld devices. Examine your site loading speed, you can get it in Google’s page speed Insight tool.

Get the help from your influences or followers

If you want to bring a high traffic to your blog, it is good to maintain a good relationship with other bloggers or influencers.

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